Neoheat EKO PLUS 13

The Neoheat Eko Heat Pump is an ideal primary source of heating for single-family houses. It enables heating of domestic water as well as cooling in summer. The user can choose the type of heat circuit. The pump is equipped with a touchscreen control panel to facilitate programming and allow constant home temperature control. Its controller features a vacation mode, automatic switching functions between heating and cooling modes and displays the current operating status. Additionally, there is a possibility to install a Wi-Fi module, which gives the possibility of managing the pump via a smartphone or tablet. Neoheat Eko is a highly efficient choice guaranteeing time savings and care for your budget. It has a built-in three-way valve for the distribution of DHW and CH. It can be connected to different heat supply systems, e.g. radiators, fan coils or underfloor heating. It is possible to connect exchangers and set different temperatures for them. Neoheat Eko Plus features an integrated 250-litre water tank. 

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Basic equipment

  • Built-in circulating pump

  • Built-in three-way valve for the distribution of DHW and CH

  • Control of two heat circuits - e.g. underfloor heating and traditional radiators

  • Touch control panel in Polish

  • Vacation Mode option

  • Wi-Fi control (optional)

  • Water Tank (250 litres)

SeriesEko Plus
TypeNeoheat EKO PLUS 13
+2°C / +35°C (EN 14511) Capacity*kW10,6
+2°C / +35°C (EN 14511) COP**3,70
+7°C / +35°C (EN 14511) Capacity*kW12,6
+7°C / +35°C (EN 14511) Capacity*kW12,6
+7°C / +35°C (EN 14511) COP3,89
+7°C / +35°C (EN 14511) COP*3,89
Annual energy consumption DHWkWh4
Annual energy consumption Indirect temp.kWh5066
Annual energy consumption Low temp.kWh4266
Bivalent point Indirect temp.°C-6
Capacity Indirect temp.kW9,6
Efficiency of DHW heating%5
Seasonal energy efficiency (Eu 811, 813/2013) Class%A++
Seasonal energy efficiency (Eu 811, 813/2013) Indirect temp.%152,9
SeriesEko Plus
TypeNeoheat EKO PLUS 13
Air flow ratem3/h4200
Amount of refrigerant in the unitkg3
CompressorDC Inwerter
Cooling circuit adjustmentelektroniczny zawór rozprężny
Cooling pipes [diameter - fluid]3/4
Cooling pipes [diameter - gas]mm3/8
Cooling pipes [length without recharging – Max.]m12
Cooling pipes [length – Min./Max.]m3/12
Cooling pipes [Max. level difference]m5
Defrostingpoprzez gorący gaz z zaworem zwrotnym
EvaporatorAl-Cu pionowy
Fan motorDC - zmiennoobrotowy
Max. water heating temperature°C55
Net dimensions (H x W x L)cm119,5 x 112,3 x 40
Operating temperature range°C-25 ~ 46
Power supply Ph/V/Hz1/220-240/50
Sound power leveldB(A)65
SeriesEko Plus
TypeNeoheat EKO PLUS 13
Capacity of electric heaters PowerkW6
Circulating pumpNiskoenergetyczna wg. dyrektywy ERP
Condensing exchangerzbiornik ze stali nierdzewnej
Counter-current protectionA16
DHW tankl250
Dimensions (H x W x L)cm79 x 28,8 x 50,5
Heat circuit connectionG1, "gwint wewnętrzny
Max. pump lift heightm7,5
Net weightkg46
Nominal flow of heated waterl/h2400
Overpressure protectionMPa0,25
Pump outputW60
Sound power leveldB(A)46

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